FY18 Rising Star Workshop Intensives


Four 2.5-hour workshop intensives to Inspire the Artist in you! Designed to target a specific skill, you can either choose where you need the most work, an area you want to explore, or book them all and work to become a well-rounded artist.

Sundays, January 21st- February 11th
Ages: 9+

Tuesdays, May 1st- May 22nd
Ages: 9+

Beyond the Sheet Music (Sunday, January 21st or Tuesday, May 1st )

You will work on 16 bars of a song from a popular Broadway musical. With one-on-one coaching and individual feedback from our expert Teaching Artists, you will explore the character, lyrics, emotions, and motivation behind the music so you can belt out your solo with confidence.

Becoming Your Character (Sunday, January 28th or Tuesday, May 8th)

Teaching Artists from the Broadway stage and the big screen will help you choose a monologue to explore in this workshop. Together, you will dig deeper into the material by asking questions like: Who are you? Who are you talking to? What do you want from the other characters? The takeaway: You’ll further develop your acting skills and be ready to bring any piece to performance level.

Come On & Dance With Me! (Sunday, February 4th or Tuesday, May 15th)

Seasoned choreographers will lead you through two challenging Broadway dance combinations. You will not only refine your dance technique but also learn what it takes to enhance your choreography with characterization and stage presence.

Get Out of the Cold (Sunday, February 11th or Tuesday, May 22nd)

How can you practice something you’ve never seen before? Using scenes from popular Broadway plays, our Teaching Artists will show you how to break down a script with one-on-one coaching and individual instruction. You will gain the confidence you need to perform a scene “cold.” You will never be intimidated by the phrase “cold read” again!

January 21, 2018 12:00 AM

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